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www.palangparkir.co.id adalah perusahaan yang bergerak di Solution Provider, kami mempunyai 3 bisnis dasar yang kuat di Bidang Auto Control Management ( Management Perparkiran) , serta Security System, serta International Trading Company, Divisi Parkir Kami memiliki Riset di Produk Parkir yang inovatif, kami mengintegrasikan Software dan Hardware, untuk divisi Security System ada CCTV Digital & IP Based, Palang-Parkir ( Barrier Gate) , Finger, Facial & Vascular Reader, Access Control, Vehicle Tracking Devices & Home Monitoring Unit Based On GSM and LBS System. Contact melalui Direct Line YM and Yahoo Account info@palangparkir.co.id


Hand-held trace detector (4 seconds in Auto Switching mode) that can quickly detect and identify harmful vapors such as chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals. The system can also be used to monitor an environment in a continuous sampling mode. Designed for First Responders, This is a reliable, easy-to-use, easy-to-view, lightweight system. To analyze vapors, simply collect a sample by sniffing the area of interest with the nozzle located at the tip of the Detector. When the detector detects a potentially harmful vapor the user is alerted by an alarm, and easy-to-read color display detailing what was detected and is then guided through a simple touch-screen analysis process for identification. The portable system operates up to 4 hours on a fully-charged battery. It can be connected to a PC for data viewing and programming using Instrument Manager software, and also to a printer for printing saved sample results.
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