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www.palangparkir.co.id adalah perusahaan yang bergerak di Solution Provider, kami mempunyai 3 bisnis dasar yang kuat di Bidang Auto Control Management ( Management Perparkiran) , serta Security System, serta International Trading Company, Divisi Parkir Kami memiliki Riset di Produk Parkir yang inovatif, kami mengintegrasikan Software dan Hardware, untuk divisi Security System ada CCTV Digital & IP Based, Palang-Parkir ( Barrier Gate) , Finger, Facial & Vascular Reader, Access Control, Vehicle Tracking Devices & Home Monitoring Unit Based On GSM and LBS System. Contact melalui Direct Line YM and Yahoo Account info@palangparkir.co.id

Parking Lot Counting & Management

Parking Guidance System (PGS) is an important component of ITS (Intelligent Transportation System). Europe and the USA have conducted extensive research, so it is widely used for parking guidance. It can greatly ease urban traffic congestion, reduce road occupied and significantly enhance the utilization of existing parking facilities, achieve good social and economic benefits. It can be designed for single large parking lots and also multiple parking lots. Its good originality and high performance give drivers real-time information, guide vehicles berth. It has many advantages, as follows: Ø For users simple structure, convenient, flexible debug, high security Ø For managers easy to operate and maintenance, higher automation, providing quality, security, automatic parking services, property management and establish a new image. Ø For investors low maintenance costs, significantly advertising effectiveness, more profits. Parking Guidance system is composed of data processing center (TTA-108), vehicles’ traffic volume data collection terminal (TTC-101), display screen and management center, and they communicate with each other Can Bus Network system or optional wireless modem as optional. Each data processing center sends location information to management center and the corresponding display screen. The driver can view the real time parking space information of the nearest parking lots from the display screen, and the communication manager can acquire statistic and analyzable information from the management center.

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