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  LOKASI :  Jakarta Barat

  AKTIVITAS :  26/09/2019


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Format email harus ! menjual palang pintu otomatis dan barrier gate berkualitas. Kami merupakan distributor boom gate dengan beragam produk barrier gate parkir termurah. Produk parkir Kami adalah yang paling inovatif, dengan software dan hardware yang terintegrasi dengan apik.

Pedestrian Barrier

MAG is a series of electro mechanical turnstiles. Its unique mechanical drive design allow the arm to be pushed effortlessly and auto-rotate back without any expensive electric motor. MAG TTS200 series can effectively control high volume human traffic (up to 30 person per minutes) while still maintaining a welcoming atmoshere. They can easily be intergrated with any electronic system for ticketing, access control or time attendance. STAINLESS STEEL TRIPOD TURNSTILE Effective pedestrian access control for residential, industrial and commercial applications Tripod Turnstile Series is suitable for indoor or shaded outdoor. They are optimized economical solution for railway, bus station, factory,colleges, commercial building, stadium, game park, bank and etc. Mechanical drive unit eliminate the use of expensive electric motor and reduce maintenance cost. Turnstile can be configured to be bi-directional or uni-directional. Built in arcylic plate for easy integration with other devices. If arm rotated more than half, it will auto-rotate to the next idle position. If arm rotated less than half, it will auto-rotate back to the current idle position. Anti-tailgating. Smart lock mechanism effectively allow only one person to pass through at a time. During power failure, arm will drop automatically allowing free pass through. Internal parts inside housing is key locked to avoid tampering. Built in LED to indicate direction. Once unlock, arm just need to be pushed lightly to rotate therefore even elderly or children are able to use the turnstile.
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